Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why is my foundation cracked now, after we've lived here for 20 years?

C. Sherman Henes and Cassi Henes

Many foundation cracks occur due to changes within the soils supporting your home. Changes in the weather can lead to changes in the soil sourrounding your home's foundation. Sometimes the moisture content has risen with groundwater like they are currently experiencing in Estes Park or the areas bordering the Big Thompson River. Other times, the soil can be dry like what we are experiencing in Arvada. Periods of dramatic rain like we are forecasted for this weekend, can cause failing grades to pour water into the fill soil around your foundation, which can lead to cracking.

If water shortages, or fluxes, last for an extended amount of time, then load-bearing strata can be affected. Sometimes when the soil shrinks under the foundation for a long time, it can take a while for the foundation to crack and settle significantly. Either way, the problem will not generally reverse itself. The only way to know that it is stabilized is to transfer the weight of the structure deep beyond the active soil.

Peak Structural prides itself on getting regular updates on soil conditions in the Denver area, so we can help you determine what your home is experiencing. If your foundation is cracking, heaving, or settling, there can be many factors involved. Some of these factors can be relatively inexpensive and easy to remedy, while others require permitted foundation repair solutions. Would you like to know the options to repair your cracked foundation? Contact Peak Structural today or visit our website at

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