Thursday, December 17, 2009

Now Hiring a Marketing Assistant

Peak Basement Systems, our regional headquarters, needs a Marketing Assistant to run our Call Center and develop social media content. Your position would require you to be housed at our downtown Colorado Springs office. We are responsible for 78% of permitted foundation repairs in the Pikes Peak Region as a company and are growing throughout the Front Range. We’re looking for a passionate person with a bachelor’s degree and excellent writing skills. Superior telephone and communication skills are a must. Small business experience preferred since our company thrives on a family-style culture. Can you help us grow another 30% in 2010?
• Starts at $10/hr
• —plus—$3 and $5 per lead set to appointment bonuses
• —and—$25 per self-generate lead bonuses
• Full Time
• No direct reports

To apply, submit the following via email:
• Resume
• List of Social Networking sites you utilize with your profile name
• Attach a 2 paragraph sample educational blog from the material provided in this blog, or our website.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Twas the Night Before Christmas--Peak Version

Adapted by C. Sherman Henes and Cassi Henes

Twas the Night Before Christmas
Adapted for Foundation Repair by Cassi Sherman Henes

Twas the day before Christmas and all through the house
There was a great creaking that frightened the mouse
The stockings that hung on the chimney were leaning
Off plum ‘bout four inches, if you take my meaning.
The children were nestled all snug in their beds
But the blood was rushing from their toes to their heads
And Mom in her bathrobe and I in my flannels
Had just settled down to surf through the channels

When up in the kitchen there arose such a clatter
I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter
Upstairs, down the hallway, I flew like a flash
To assess the damage from such a big crash!

The pile of fragments from now fallen plates
Had me shaking and sputtering and cursing the fates
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a white van marked Peak, a crew, and their gear!

With a uniformed foreman, so lively and quick,
I thought for a moment he must be St. Nick.
The foreman was thorough, and at his goading
More rapid than eagles, the crew starting unloading!

Now jackhammer, now shovels, now pier caps, and piers!
The foreman, he set about calming my fears.
“We’ll work from the inside by cutting the slab,
But just in some sections, it shouldn’t be bad.”

They taped up plastic and started their digging
Within just a moment, they exposed the footing.
Then notching away the concrete, they flew,
Soon five brackets, then six so shiny and new

And then in a twinkling, I heard one of them say,
“We’re ready to push steel, we’ll be done today!”
So foot after foot, the pier sections pushed down
Until pressure readings said bedrock’d been found.

The foreman walked upstairs and surveyed the room,
Saying, “We’ve pushed to depth and are lifting soon”.
Lift cylinders were secured to each bracket
They lifted the house, there was such a racket!

Slamming doors, closing cabinets that I’d never
Seen work without help from duct tape, or lever
The floor, it was even! The stockings were straight!
The Christmas tree level! The house, it looked great!

The drywall cracks that I’d seen in the ceiling
Were closing up tight just like they were healing!
The gap near the chimney was sealed up tight
At that moment, I knew that Peak had it right!

The push piers had solved all my foundation woes
“O, our house is stable, it’s safe again, Rose,”
I cried to my wife as I hugged her quite tight
“No more losing sleep from worrying all night!”

They spoke not a word as they finished their work
Refilled the van, and closed the doors with a jerk.
The foreman came over to wrap up the job
By signing the paperwork and said, “Thanks, Bob”.

He sprang into the truck and gave his team a whistle
And away they flew like the down from a thistle.
But I heard him exclaim as they drove out of sight,
“Firm foundations to all, and to all a good-night!”

Thursday, December 10, 2009

eBook Update

by C. Sherman Henes and Cassi Henes

There have been tons of great resources created about selling homes, buying news, or how to get the most equity. We have guides to building decks, wiring for ceiling fans, and decorating a home.

What about helping people with foundation concerns? It was virtually impossible to find a guide that covered possible causes, as well as solutions in a way that didn’t take a engineering degree to decipher! So, we decided to write one.

Peak Structural is proud to announce a fabulous new resource that’s just a click away: the Foundation Technology eBook! This ebook has sections outlining the unique soil conditions in our area, signs of problems, comprehensive solutions, help on selecting service professionals, and more!

This book has been electronically formatted to conserve our precious natural resources.

After determining that it would take 24 trees to print our first 100 Foundation Technology books and dump approximately 740 different chemicals into environment throughout the printing and binding process, we decided that something had to change. Cassi Sherman Henes discovered the Uniflip company out of Denmark, who would create a “flipable” electronic book that includes a search function. We have saved 196 trees by utilizing the eBook technology.

It has been direct printed with low VOC, water based ink to eliminate harmful chemicals and adhesives. We all have a responsibility to color the future—we choose to color green.

Some of the most harmful chemicals to local groundwater can be found in the metallic pigments and bleaching components utilized during the printing and binding process of book production. That’s why our company began using a direct printing technology on the face of our CDs. This technology never requires caustic processes.

eBook Premier During Education Classes at the Denver Home Show
Foundation Technology, Your Guide to What Goes On Under Your Feet made its first public appearance during homeowner education classes at the recent Denver Home Show in March. Our C.E. Educators gave comprehensive sessions outlining the causes and solutions to foundation issues, then answered homeowner questions. Many of the questions that were asked regarded bowing walls and cracking foundations. Peak was pleased to have interactive, moving displays built by Paul Sutton, which helped illustrate the problems and solutions discussed in the ebook.

After completing the Foundation Technology eBook, Cassi Sherman Henes was invited to become one of the Continuing Education Class Educators at Peak Companies. She’ll be undergoing a 2 month intensive training course during which she’ll be working with Paul Sutton, the developer of the 2 credit class that Peak offers to Real Estate Agents and Home Inspectors.

“It’s my pleasure to introduce my new ebook to the world. It’s called Foundation Technology—Your Guide to What Goes on Under Your Feet, but it’s so much more than just a collection of facts. This eBook represents over three months of research and interviews with geotechnical engineers, industry professionals, and more. I hope you learn as much about soils and foundations as I have!” ~Cassi Sherman Henes

You care about the environment. So should your service company.

by C. Sherman Henes and Cassi Henes

The Service Company that You Choose to Work for You Does Matter.

You've made changes in your life--whether it's recycling, composting, or carrying eco-friendly bags to the grocery store. You're doing your part--shouldn't your service company be doing its part, too?

In the office:
We believe in taking care of our precious natural resources. That's why we're committing to sending electronic documents whenever possible. It's reduced the waste that we send to landfills by over 1 case of paper a month.

When we do send out paper documents, rest assured that we've used recycled paper and low-impact, high efficiency solid ink--never hazardous, powdered toners. This reduced the need for harsh bleaching when our paper is recycled.

We've even created an e-book rather than a printed book, called Foundation Technology. We've saved 196 trees so far this year and kept over 740 different chemicals out of the groundwater supply.

The CDs on which we distribute our ebook are printed directly with low VOC, water-based ink, cutting out the need for harsh chemical labeling and the use of adhesives.

On the Job:
We recycle both our steel and our concrete, which reduces the amount of long-term waste present in our landfills.

We buy our rock and roadbase from recycling facilities.

We use washable uniforms and rugs, rather than disposable dropcloths to protect your home.

Our crew members work four 10 hour days, rather than a 5 day work week, to insure that less fuel is consumed moving our crews and longer time is spent on a jobsite.

All of our products are manufactured and shipped within the US, meaning you can be assured that proper environmental safety procedures are adhered to and less fossil fuels are consumed transporting equipment and supplies over shorter distances.

Our sump pumps and dehumidifiers are incredibly energy efficient, allowing you to rest assured that your carbon footprint isn't growing.

It's our responsibility to color the world around us.
We choose the color green.