Thursday, December 10, 2009

You care about the environment. So should your service company.

by C. Sherman Henes and Cassi Henes

The Service Company that You Choose to Work for You Does Matter.

You've made changes in your life--whether it's recycling, composting, or carrying eco-friendly bags to the grocery store. You're doing your part--shouldn't your service company be doing its part, too?

In the office:
We believe in taking care of our precious natural resources. That's why we're committing to sending electronic documents whenever possible. It's reduced the waste that we send to landfills by over 1 case of paper a month.

When we do send out paper documents, rest assured that we've used recycled paper and low-impact, high efficiency solid ink--never hazardous, powdered toners. This reduced the need for harsh bleaching when our paper is recycled.

We've even created an e-book rather than a printed book, called Foundation Technology. We've saved 196 trees so far this year and kept over 740 different chemicals out of the groundwater supply.

The CDs on which we distribute our ebook are printed directly with low VOC, water-based ink, cutting out the need for harsh chemical labeling and the use of adhesives.

On the Job:
We recycle both our steel and our concrete, which reduces the amount of long-term waste present in our landfills.

We buy our rock and roadbase from recycling facilities.

We use washable uniforms and rugs, rather than disposable dropcloths to protect your home.

Our crew members work four 10 hour days, rather than a 5 day work week, to insure that less fuel is consumed moving our crews and longer time is spent on a jobsite.

All of our products are manufactured and shipped within the US, meaning you can be assured that proper environmental safety procedures are adhered to and less fossil fuels are consumed transporting equipment and supplies over shorter distances.

Our sump pumps and dehumidifiers are incredibly energy efficient, allowing you to rest assured that your carbon footprint isn't growing.

It's our responsibility to color the world around us.
We choose the color green.

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